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Help! I need somebody...

If you are incredibly busy but not very productive in your business something's got to give. 


As a business owner, you need to work on the things that make your business shine and advance.


Everything else can be outsourced.


When overwhelm sets in, you need to find a way to stop it in its tracks as feeling overwhelmed has a negative impact on you and your business. 


Having great support is priceless!


Use either of the techniques below to help you on your way.

The Triple L-List

Check out this article by Mike Vardy which gives another fantastic option on how to approach the outsourcing part of your business and how to get around to doing the things you love. 

Contact me if you need help going through your lists.

Create a list of your daily tasks


Write these down for at least a week. At the end of the week, you go through your list and use a highlighter to mark which tasks only you can do (or professionals you already have on board, e.g., web design, accountant). 

In a different colour you mark what you are happy to keep doing for now but down the road, you'll hand these over as well.


The unmarked jobs are the ones you can hand over immediately.


Send your list through to me via email and we can work out where I can be of service to you.



Know your strengths!


Don't hire a 'mini-me'. 


If you want to invest a little more time into this, I suggest you complete a personality test. There are a couple of free ones you can complete online such as Briggs Myers or Strengths Finder.


The results will show you which areas you come up short in. If you are lacking in organisation or high attention to detail, hiring someone with those attributes will complement you and your business in a big way.


Taking the time out to dig a little deeper will ultimately help you in the long run.


My test results from Briggs Myers are a combination of ISTJ and ISFJ.



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